fast mouth

funneling off above normal levels of speech consistently. exacerbated or made worse by ability to switch languages. usually happens after long times spent ranting on or following social media feeds.

synonymous with popping off at the mouth or running off at the mouth. many different cultures exude or export fast mouth: examples latino, african, haitian,caribbean caucasians, new jersey, new york. it can also be qualified as coherent thought patterns between two people who can casually switch languages, accents or elevate speeds to communicate.

sounds like rambling or coherent fast speech. can also be an adjective in the realm of sales or anything telephone related.
-she fast mouthed me into agreeing with the plan-

-jeremy used fast mouth to get the promotion-

– that french girl has a fast mouth ! she switched to english to close the deal-

-j’avoue qu’elle a fast mouth l’affaire! great tickets quand même!

-i got the fast mouth from that operator-

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