1. n – the intolerance, mostly by gay men, of fauxmos-xuals invading their scene.

(see also: fauxmo, fauxmos-xual)
bob is so fauxmophobic, he’s been teased one too many times by those straight boys dancing to cher.

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  • Loserbeam

    a loserbeam is someone who is such a drastic loser that anyone who witnesses them cringes and feels horrible for them. people can only qualify as being a loserbeam if they mistake people’s mockery for appreciation and therefore think they are cool. tom: “do you get that sickly cringe feeling when you look at seymour?” […]

  • Mmm Spot

    -noun 1.)an area that delivers extreme s-xual pleasure provoking the reaction of “mmm”. when he hit my mmm spot i almost fell out of bed.

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