it is a breif version of “f-cked up”.
“yo man, that was f’ed^”

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  • fedale

    a nicely manicured v-g-n-. julie’s fedale is shorter than the gr-ss on the 16th green at augusta national.

  • fedangle

    1) the position of squatting over one’s acquaintance and gently resting your t-st-cl-s on their nose. 2) another word for oral s-x. guy 1: yeah i totally fedangle’d her yesterday. guy 2: no way man, she just took it?

  • ferret legging

    a game where a person dons a pair of sweatpants with a drawstring at the waist, and ties at the bottom of each pantleg. they then put a ferret in their pants and close the drawstring, and the person who can withstand the ferocity the longest, wins. hey tom, let’s go ferret legging tonight with […]

  • fershnitzel

    means the same as “for sure”, but cooler. a: that t-shirt is hillarious. b: fershnitzel.

  • Fetal McBrain

    premature brainulac tissue; a name to call someone at a random time. also see feces. zaquito, why did you steal my matzos and peanut b-tter?! you’re such a fetal mcbrain nugget!

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