femodox – a need to fight great evil (examples: imaginary patriarchy, capitalism, science community, etc) and liberate people from oppression (examples: gender stereotypes, gender roles, imaginary inequality against women, etc) while becoming this different evil (examples: matriarchy, gynocentric society, etc) and the oppressors (examples: feminists, social justice warriors, fascists, marxists, ect). this in turn means that all facts denying first great evil and oppression (examples: economic research data disproving wage gap, domestic violence data showing that unmarried women are more violent than men, data on false rape allegations, etc) are additional reasons why second great evil and oppression are necessary (examples: quotas, s-xism against men, hatred towards men, women-only legal rights, women-only scholarships, etc).
sharah: feminism is working for equality, we will end s-xism.
robert: there is lots of discrimination against men in nowadays society. what feminism is doing about that?
sharah: that is because patriarchy. it hurts men as well as women. we have to destroy it and everyone will be happy.
robert: but patriarchy would mean that men should get the most help and men’s voice should be hear first, yet men’s suicide rate is rapidly increasing and no one is doing anything about it. that means we don’t live in the patriarchy.
sharah: shut up mister ent-tled, world doesn’t revolves around you. keep your misogyny to yourself. people like you shouldn’t be allowed to speak. #killallmen
robert: femadox in action….

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