(noun) the person (male or female) that stands along the wall during a party and just stares at everyone without saying anything…
hey look at that ferbie over there….what a weirdo..
hairy, unshaved, untamed vag.
caroline, tame that ferbie for george.
adj. an adorable and small elderly person whom you wish to hug and cuddle with.
“that woman is so ferbie!”
someone that always moans and doesnt shut up..
you want to hit him but you just aint alloud..
his girlfriend is fit tho.
“this place is so borin, stop being a ferbie before i hit you”

“well why do we do wat you want, and not what i want, becuase your being a ferbie
arielle a.’s non-existant p-n-s…
alicia s. hopes that arielle a.’s non exsistant p-n-s is in p-n-s heaven getting sucked on rite now

arielle a.’s non existant p-n-s gets more action that that of kyle j. and paulo combined…

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