talking out of your -rs-
stop fergusing, you don’t know what your talking about

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  • good dream

    there aren’t any definitions for good dream yet. can you define it?

  • risky click

    to click on an unknown google link for the sole purpose of entertainment while not knowing it’s contents oh look (kitten plays with b-lls) sounds like a risky click

  • n*ts*ck cheese

    a ripe and pungent cheese harvested from the glans and b-llsack area of a hot, fat, sweaty and morbidly obese male. considered a delecacy by some. carl gave himself a quick scratch and harvested up one of the ripest servings of n-ts-ck cheese ever grown under two of his fingernails.

  • kazalen

    usually a 16 year old guy with long brown hair and brown eyes sometime called a stoner loves to troll with memes.we didn’t start the cancer! kazalen is a meme factory.

  • l6

    a stupid wanna be gang started by kids at north high school in bloomington cause they think they’re thug those kids are talking about their dumb l6 gang

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