dude, he’s such a ferrulli

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  • nerdinity

    when a trio of nerds get together, like a trinity but cooler.. those three nerds just formed a nerdinity.

  • vixie

    a fun loving girl who can make anyone laugh. she always know when her friends are hurt and always back them happy. vixie is such a good person, you have to love her

  • man coochie

    a man coochie is your -sshole. “is your man coochie tingling yet?”

  • peanut pleasure

    the act of a person; allergic to nuts; consuming said nuts. during their allergic reaction, the p-n-s of a male partic-p-nt is inserted with vigour into the contracting throat of the nut consumer until climax. jess: “no, but i’m allergic to nuts” joey: “come on baby, we’ll both enjoy a peanut pleasure”

  • scrabled

    (scr•ay•bled) getting high and also getting f-cked at the same time, occasionally mixed with being triggered and some vodka broooo we got so scrabled last night!! i’m so scrabled right now.

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