the swedish word for c-nt
i ate out her fetta so good last night bro
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  • def*ckerer

    one whose job it is to help fix a f-ck-d up situation. geoff is so good at solving problems, we call him the def-ckerer. 1 0 get the mug

  • adventure seeker

    a light on his feet alley creeper. adventure seeker, on an empty street, just an alley creeper, light on his feet. 0 0 get the mug

  • gurkan

    when a male is giving another male a bl-w j-b and the one giving the bj starts to choke from the j-zz and spits it out, he would be gurkan i was giving a bl-w j-b to him and started gurkan 0 0 get the mug

  • permathot

    a diagnosis where a female (usually of sl-tty fashion) stands with her -ss out and chest out for an extended period of time, of which then becomes permanent. did you here about mary? she got permathot. should’ve guessed it, she’s a straight up hoe. 0 0 get the mug

  • b*tt crest

    the top, or peak, of your b-tt crack. when laura bends over, you can see the crest of her b-tt. it’s her b-tt crest. 0 0 get the mug

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