a combination of f-cking s-xy and fergalicious/delicious however you roll.. basically its amazing and describes very few people.
shes fexalicious!
f-ck yeah she is!

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  • FHOC

    location as to where to deposit a guy’s hot load, on the fore head or chin where would you like it babe fhoc?

  • fimpapper

    a blue rabbit/fox hybrid produced in my genectics lab. it has purple and turquoise fairy wings, but we have yet to get them to fly. i wish we could get them to eat something other then marshmellows and cotton candy.

  • nigocio

    negotiations between those of african decent. yo mah nig we bouts to have dem nigocio up in the toke yard yall better be there.

  • financee

    someone you are engaged to strictly for financial reasons. “he doesn’t really love her, he loves her money. until they actually get married, she is his financee.”

  • cast a kitten

    (idiom) to have a fit. used in both humorous and serious situations. also, “have kittens”. stop tickling me or i’ll cast a kitten!

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