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can you define it?

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  • jaequan

    very athletic, attractive, but has a bad temper. as known as a panty wetter and being a good conversationist is very optimistic. yo that boy is a jaequan.

  • dont play yourself

    this phrase is used when you catch a person in an outright lie. catch a person lying to you. me, “don’t play yourself, i know you took the last donut!” other guy caught taking the donut…. lolololol

  • rashea

    a slow person that acts r-t-rded around other people but when alone secretly watches p-rn in the bathtub rashea is r-t-rded

  • absolutely barbaric

    when someone does something in a way that the world has deemed just completely wrong “billy puts milk before his cereal? absolutely barbaric!” “thomas put the toilet paper faced down? absolutely barbaric!” “memeful banned the hotdog-girl gif? absolutely barbaric” “sarah used the 9gag comment section to get compliments to improve her self-esteem? not absolutely barbaric. […]

  • labra

    black lab and zebra combined wow did you see that labra at the zoo today!

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