it means that something has been done or said so many times, the count is infinite
child: grandma, can i buy some ice cream from the ice cream truck?

grandma: chile, i’ve told you fifty-eleven times i don’t have any money for you to be wastin on that ice cream truck.
an imaginary number, signifying something innumerable or a number that is too large to count. often used as hyperbole, or an extreme exaggeration.

syn: countless, infinite, myriad
i asked her out like fiftyeleven times and she says no every time.
it could be defined as 65, but the true meaning is a very large quant-ty of something.
“there are fifty-eleven mosquitos in my tent!”
“wendy’s bithday party had fifty-eleven guests!”
“i want to have fifty-eleven friends when i grow up!”

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