in the middle of funny and hilaoius
the was filaroius,
that story was filaroius,
that was so f-cking filarious, i can not believe how f-cking filarious that was.

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    1) performing a sly move, typically to make s-xual advances. 2) playing multiple girls at the same time, without any of the others knowing about it. 3) performing an action of a stereotypical black man i.e. (stealing, cheating, eating fried chicken) brian: hey did you hear what emmanuel did the other night? dan: no man, […]

  • Nigga Pass

    the card allowing white people to use the word n-gg-. white kids: “what up n-gg-?” black dude: “what the f-ck you say?” white kids: “n-gg- it’s all good, i got the n-gg- p-ss.” black dude: “sh-t.”

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    n-gg-r form of groupies when a n-gg-r is finished after a rap show he usually gets some n-gg-tis to join him in his limo or tour van

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