to hurt yourself in a funny way
yo, you slipped on a banana, you totally got findles-xed, yo!!

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  • banjo cleaner

    a girl with a gap inbetween her front teeth who can clean the banjo string. ie: banjo cleaner. . the girl was a banjo cleaner, when she went down there it was all shiney when she finished. picture it yourself. be aware it’s not very gentlemanly to point this out to a lady.

  • Snifeld

    an icelandic alcoholic family fred : wow she is drunk tim: she must be one of those snifelds

  • Optometrist Suprise

    while your parnter is sleeping, j-zz in her eyes, so when she wakes up, she cannot see. mary: “why do you keep b-mping into things jen?” jen: “because john gave me the optometrist surprise last night.”

  • Cock-Block-Sucker

    one who physically blocks c-ck by sucking it. i would get with him, but that girl is being a c-ck-block-sucker.

  • fumbass

    the abbreviation for f-cking dumb-ss, pr-nounced fumb–ss he boned her without a rubber? what a fumb-ss!

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