finna let you have it

a warning full of jokes
you keep talking sh-t johnny i’m finna let you have it

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  • spreading sh*t

    the art of p-ssing around gossip, usually unfounded and aimed at defaming somebody. “she said i had an ugly c-ck bro!” “don’t listen to it bro, that b-tch is just spreading sh-t because you haven’t called after you nailed her last week.

  • flaming *n*l aids

    a burning sensation in ones r-ct-m after intercourse with somebody who has aids that -j-c-l-t-s in there -ss … holy sh-t my flaming -n-l aids wants to shoot your c-m out of my b-tt like a valcano erupting

  • andrew janowski

    potato hey look its andrew janowski the potato

  • #blamealvin

    a hashtag used when things happen in life that annoy you but there is nothing anyone could have done. i farted and sh-t myself #blamealvin

  • horse hocky

    a nicer more polite way of saying bullsh-t. my cousin saying his girlfriend is fine is a big pile of horse hocky.

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