a word used only when reffering an old man on steroids and high on meth.
that guy over there is a total fiple

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  • fish nugget style chunklet

    the preferred form of small breaded fish, as opposed to a fish stick. p1: a couple more of those, and you’ll have yourself a fish stick. p2: a fish this fine belongs in a fish nugget style chunklet.

  • fmgm

    f-ck men get money basically fbgm but female version 1: ‘ ali what’s your life goal ‘ 2: ‘i fmgm’

  • f*ckboyy

    a boy who is gay. he does not f-ck girls he only f-cks boys. if a girl will ask him he will say no i am a f-ck boy. a girl asked matt you want to go out and matt said i am a f-ckboyy

  • gad*mn

    the expression you use whenever there is a nice -ss. logan: gad-mn you see that chicks -ss?! diego: yeah man i’d eat that -ss like groceries!

  • get shrekt m8

    this wonderful sentence has the same meaning of “get rekt m8”, which means “get wrecked mate”. also the character shrek is known on the internet for his h-m-s-xuality. so, as you can imagine, in this case “get wrecked” can stand for “get f-ck-d in the -n-s” lol. confused? awesome. just search “shrek is love, shrek […]

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