Fire Hose

when you’re p-ssing with a b-n-r.
bruh, this morning i had a huge fire hose, my p-ss got all over the john.
p-ss sh-t toilet
0 0
when your f-cking a chick in the -ss (or doggie style) and you spit on her back so she thinks you came, and you pull out as she turns around and blast her in the face.
i gave this chick a fire hose this weekend. she never saw it c-mming.
52 17
a particularly powerful liquid sh-t, guaranteed to change the colour of your toilet in seconds. splashback is common.
george: you left for the bathroom last night and didn’t return for 5 hours, whats up?
joe: ah man, i shouldn’t have had that chicken tikka m-ssala from that corner shop in hull the other day. i completely firehosed my toilet. i felt like a cat crawled inside my colon, threw up, then died.
george: i’m trying to eat here. must you be so graphic? c-ck.
34 12
1 n. a length of nylon and vinyl used by firefighters to transmit water from a hydrant to the site of a fire
2 n. a young man in cincinnati, ohio whose prowess for drinking is legendary amongst the youth
3 v. to projectile vomit a ridiculous amount
1) say sgt. petaki, hand me that firehose.
2) firehose just did three cases and a 750 of 151. jesus t-ttyf-cking christ
3) the party was going great until chip firehosed on lauren.
31 13
an intensely powerful discharge of vomit, characterized by substantial reach and large volume. commonly occurs after using a funnel to consume alcoholic beverages.
let’s go fire hose on george’s car again and tape it this time.
39 26
when you f-ck a chick in the p-ssy and p-ss in it.
you fire hosed your mom.
36 27
the act of a man not masturbating or having s-x for at least a week, and then expelling all of his backed up sperm on his girlfriends face or inside of her mouth.
after a long week at my grandma’s, i came home and fire-hosed the sh-t out of this stripper last night.
8 5
the act of layings ones d-ck across the face of a unsuspecting female while they are sleeping and c-mming all over her face while screaming “fire fire fire”
did you hear about trae man he gave his girlfriend a fire hose and she left him thats crazy
3 4

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