another word for starts with “f” and ends with “uck”
orginally from smosh

watch them on youtube
teacher:you failed your math test

kid: firetruck!
new polite way to say f-ck (invented by smosh)
firetruck you~
that was firetrucking weird
firetruck is the more polite way of saying f#-$ in public.
first created by smosh (anthony padilla & ian hec-x).
teacher: you didn’t p-ss this grade

child: firetruck !!!!!!!
a beasly vehicle carrying some of the most bad -ss people in the world. it has backwards and forwards seats and a bossy air horn and siren.
person 1: hey look at that fire truck go by!

person 2: d-mn, those are some really bosses in that thing.
1) a vehicle which carries firemen and fire fighting equipment to the scenes of fires.
2) a subst-tute for the word “f-ck”, which has risen from a (false) rumor that soupy sales said on his kids show “what starts with f and ends with uck?” firetruck!
1) the firetruck went to the burning house.
2) go firetruck yourself.
a word originally describing a vehicle that puts out fires. however, in recent times it has come to be used as a replacement for the word “f-ck”, as removing the “-ire tr-” from “fire truck” will give you f-ck.
what the fire truck?
a big red vehicle that firefighters drive and to put out fires from there hoses to save peoples lives.
jack stole the fire truck omg!

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