an it secret handshake: a word that says “i know tech” when you’re on the phone with tech support.
“hi, internet tech support…what’s your issue?”


“you have an ip?”

“no. your dhcp isn’t p-ssing out ips. am i banned?”

“looks like your mac is xxxx, you’ve been running a torrent?”

“yes, i’ll stop.”

“cool. you’re un-banned. fizzbin.”

“sweet. catch you later.”
fizzbin was a card game said to originate from beta antares iv. it was used by captain kirk to free himself and his first officer, spock, from captivity at the hands of a group of iotians who had mimicked early 20th century earth-style gangsters.

while kirk was explaining the extremely convoluted rules of the game to his captors, he used a supposedly very rare hand of fizzbin, the “kronk”, as a distraction to knock the captors unconscious. mccoy and spock then escaped back to the uss enterprise. (tos: “a piece of the action”)

in 2373, quark offered to teach the game to odo. (ds9: “the ascent”)

kirk’s description of fizzbin:

on beta antares iv, they play a real game.
it’s a man’s game, but a little beyond you.
it requires intelligence.
take the cards, big man.
of course the cards on beta antares iv are different, but not too different.
the name of the game is called, uh … fizzbin.
fizzbin. it’s, uh … not too difficult.

a recycling center for empty soda cans.
take those coca-cola cans to the fizzbin. you can get some change there.

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