basically, your flabbergasted, triggered, and shook all at the same time.
levi was flabbergookered when he got his test score back.

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  • midnight stranger

    when you put your hand to sleep until it goes numb, and then you m-st-rb-t- ferociously and it feels like a stranger is giving you a handjob. i couldn’t sleep last night so i induced a visit from the midnight stranger.

  • sburb

    the game played in the webcomic homestuck. it is a immersive game where the server player can edit things in the client player’s world. known to the trolls as sgrub. the sburb beta comes out 4/13.

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    one who thinks he is extremely popular, has blond silly hair, and has a p-ssion for graphic design. “you are totally a saadya!”

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