when you c-m in your hand and throw it in a english mans tea
i came in my hand and threw it in this posh f-ggots tea he got so flamoyned

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  • maple rumbled

    when a man and a woman use maple syrup as a lubricant for -n-l s-x. this is a common act in canada. “eh guy, i just maple rumbled your mother. she was sweet and sticky. her -n-s that is.”

  • Competitous

    overly compet-tive with things that don’t matter, and people really don’t care about. girl: why are you so compet-tous when it comes to car subwoofers? guy: i needed fifteens to make my geo metro the sh-t!

  • arm cart

    the basket at a grocery store. we don’t need a shopping cart; just grab an arm cart


    excessively long shorts, usually the basketball variety that hang down past the shins. capris for men, hence mapris how can he play hoops with his mapris’ hanging down to his shoe tops?

  • Marble Up

    to gain weight through extra fat “marbling”. term derived from cattle industry practice of fattening animals prior processing into food. this fat, streaked through the meat, provides extra flavor and richness. observing your friend downing a large bowl of ice cream, you say: “marble up dude!”. exclaiming to your ultra-fit skinny buddy: “you need to […]

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