as to insult somebody behind there back, or ‘slag’ them off
omg why you flangin about me again?

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  • flann

    1. david bowie’s number one fan, also fond of “holding out for a hero” 2. misspelling of a “not so tasty mexican treat” flann dances in the car, in route for chipotle. this flann is terrible.

  • sbft

    s-xy bedroom fun time “what did you need all this rope and vaseline for anyway?” “sbft” “ah, high five!”

  • lusanus

    a rectal insert that is taken up the b-tthole to avoid multiple bowel tantrums. greg ecitedly inserted a lus-n-s in his doot chute after consuming excessive amounts of tequila.

  • Lynch-wall

    a very rude word. like a kyfe b-tch but worse. friend 1: yeah she said she made out with him but all she did was suck his d-ck friend 2: what a f-cking lynch-wall

  • Lynned

    excessively under the influence., drunk. i was absolutely lynned last night

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