a term used to describe a woman’s parts in a high state of arousal
“mate, when she sees me in my batman outfit, she’ll have a m-ssive flapgap”

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  • Flue Flue

    the ideal -ss, the perfect -ss. just the right amount of switch, great from all angles, cheeks bounce up and down like a basketball. it looks good in: sweat pants, bathing suit bottoms, panties, booty shorts, leggings, etc. never loses its appearance ….. no matter what! -omg bro look at that -ss…. -yeah man she […]

  • fonefite

    when two smartphone users argue over which brand of smartphone is best (e.g., android, iphone, windows, etc.) “the two were having a fonefite over samsung and apple.”

  • Freeway mitt

    an oven mitt or non-s-xual glove used to m-st-rb-t- with, while driving on the freeway, highway or interstate. dude, truck drivers always keep a freeway mitt handy when they can’t find a hooker.

  • Frat Material

    any type of fabric silk, cashmere, etc that automatically attracts a h–rd of b-tches. after wearing a tommy bahama shirt made out of some fresh frat material, john was surrounded by more b-tches than he could count.

  • fruitsterbating

    the act of masturbating with a piece of fruit. “i had the most scrumptious fruitsterbating session last night. i jacked off inside a banana, and it felt goooood.”

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