a term that refers to any male that has either p-ssed p-b-rty, or in the middle of it, and is under the height of 5 feet.
most flemsacks are h-m-s-xual, like anime, and are really clingy.

“yo homie, you seen that lil n-gg- over that way?”
“sittin’ next to that thick b-tch?”
“he looks like he’s p-ssing her off.”
“hmm… must be a flemsack”

“is that lil n-gg- a midget?”
“nah homie. it’s just an average flemsack.”

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  • misery whip

    a large, flexible, man powered saw for felling large trees. using the saw is very strenuous. in modern terms it’s used to disparage any repet-tive physical task. check out my new rowing machine! it uses water to create the resistance. that’s a fancy misery whip.

  • smario

    cute,funny,and loving guy that all the girls want. he can get on your nerves but is also very sweet. dang is that smario cause he is looking fine today.

  • p*ssy waste

    coagulated p-ssy juice after a dry f-cking bro jessica was so dry when i f-cked her i got p-ssy waste on my shlong!!

  • n*gg*rine

    a black person who looks or smells like a tangerine “he smells like a tangerine” “yea thats chris we call him n-gg-rine because hes black.”

  • whaddayatalkinabeet

    australian street slang for the simple short sentence, “what are you talking about” usually said by a sasquatch called s-ssy, all hail s-ssy you f-cking druggos mum: your adopted me: whaddayatalkinabeet?

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