1. when some one is about to hit you and you do that sudden movement = a flinch

2. totally cool, flinchen
1. ha! ha! that guy taotally made you flinch

2. dude, your shirt is totally flinchen
and involuntary movement made when someone is about to hit you/you think someone is about to hit you.
remi flinches whenever you move suddenly near him!
replaces the word “nub”, “noob”, “nubstick”. refers to a particular gt on the xbox live network. may also refer to having freakishly large thumbs. most often used in relation to the battlefield 3 game on xbox.
“you went 0-12? what a flinch!”
“sitting in a tank and whoring it is a real flinch tactic”
when u hit some one on the back of the neck when they flinch
gimme my flinches

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