flippin’ the pancake

there aren’t any definitions for flippin’ the pancake yet.

can you define it?

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    a sp-ce brownie is southern street code for pot brownies. this term came about due to the inability to discuss pot brownies in front of offical upholders of the law and because when you eat them you become very sp-ced out and relaxed. “dude! naomi’s got sp-ce brownies at his place! wanna go get baked?”

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    a phrase coined by a nabz when first asked what a cl-toris was after claiming to have lost his virginity. the flappy cl-t is a “flappy” hand movement that was clearly meant to imitate the l-b– of a woman which has now been turned into a dance move by de sc-m. do the flappy cl-t […]

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    a piece of sh-t person what a f-cking modrich

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    a little b-tchy baby with commitment issues. ur being such a minridge

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    a worthless excuses for a man don’t care about anyone but himself and his sh-tty out of date matchbox car wastes his time floating threw life spending every cent he gets his grimmy hands on weed son don’t grow job to be a bignz

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