floing is a term used to define the female cleavage, br–sts, or any other term used in that sort.
kasandra and joan both have humungous floing.
the act of being a flo.

being lost in thought/wandering or distant.
oh my god she’s flo-ing again.
a loose, floppy v-g-n-.
man, gram’s floing dripped on the floor.

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  • floppy wrist

    /adj./ (1)-a term used to describe a flamboyant male, possibly h-m-s-xual. (not necessarily a derogatory term). see also: floppy in the wrist i saw bruce skipping down the street, i think he’s got a floppy wrist.

  • florida water

    a) known to have a permanent effect on the p-n-s, much like that experienced when taking v–gr- b) refers to a male from florida with a large p-n-s. size has been traced back to “that florida water” oh my!!! it’s huge… yeah, that’s what that florida water does… a reference to mdma (ecstasy, molly, etc.) […]

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    when a woman is lying in bed, legs spread, and a man with an erect c-ck runs and jumps into the wet p-ssy.

  • foshoda

    1. meaning yeahh, within no word of a doubt friend: are you coming to party 2night?? you: foshoda!!

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