floating butterfly

a s-xual technique involving the use of the inner l-b– to distribute special ‘kisses’ over a partner’s pr-ne body.

the female partner gently settles herself on the chosen part of the male partner’s body for a moment, brushes her l-b– delicately on the selected area and then rises, to ‘float’ to another area of desire. the final resting place is frequently a ‘kiss’ to her partner’s p-n-s; this ‘kiss’ may deposit a thin coat of her lubricating fluid if the activity has aroused her. she may then deposit a trickle across his stomach or thighs, or choose to tempt him to penetrate her if he wishes to do so. few recipients of this attention would be able to resist ….

originally claimed as a french technique – “le papillon flottant” – the current fashion in france for the ‘au naturel’ appearance of the pubic area is said to increase the sensuality of the ‘kisses’ offered in this way, as the softness of the pubic hair brushes the skin a fraction of a second before the l-b– make contact.
“harry, just lie there, keep still, rest, stay silent, i want to show you my little floating b-tterfly …..”

“megan, i love your special b-tterfly ……”

“shhhhh ….. stay silent …..stay quiet …”

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