f-cking laughing out f-cking loud. also written as “falafel.”
i try my best to integrate uncalled for profanity into my every-day quips, flofl!

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  • finger tarded

    the consistent error of spelling & writing while typing to someone online. an example of what finger tarded looks like. “iw ent out to the grocerae storre.”

  • soup wh*r*

    someone who performs s-xual acts in exchange for soup. “liz is such a soup wh-r-, she just took a splosh in the mouth for a sachet of cup a soup. im going back later to puncture her sphinter.”

  • finnerwoo

    another way of saying someone is an uber pwner. finnerwoo f-cking pwns. sup finnerwoo. nuttin. shweet.

  • cocoa toe

    n. noun when a person sticks one of their toes up someones -ss and get sh-t on it. oh, charlie i got a cocoa toe when i stuck my toe up your -ss!

  • fioren

    fioren noun, the very top of the -ss crack of a very attractive woman. the beginning of the valley between the -ss cheeks where your middle finger slides to when slipping your hand in the back of her pants also the place your p-n-s pops out of when aiming for the trap stamp. her thong […]

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