Floppy Cunt

a c-nt that is ecspecially floppy, ususally due to being overly pounded or giving birth multiple times.
oh my god! that girl is such a floppy c-nt!

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  • floppy fletcher

    noun: inability of a man to maintain an erection sufficient for satisfying s-xual activity nope…floppy fletcher 🙁

  • floppy fox

    post-s-x celebration in which you raise your hands up in the air and wiggle your d-ck around like a propeller. dude, i had such good s-x last night i had to do the floppy fox after my girl fell asleep.

  • florentine method

    the process of, during s-x, grabbing the base of the p-n-s and pulling the skin back to tighten it around the shaft, making it sensitive, in order to decrease the amount of time to have an -rg-sm. the flight attendant was knocking on the door while i was having s-x with molly, so she used […]

  • flounderina

    a really bad ballerina the opposite of fabbarina ‘corr, that’s a bad plie. what a flounderina’

  • mother p*ss bucket

    an expletive to yell when you are in an unfathomably-dire situation and your friends are terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought. peter venkman: “mother puss bucket!!!”

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