florp e dorp

a florp e. dorp is a very specific type of idiot. the individual who embodies the qualities off florp and/or dorp is very skilled and talented at being florp, and even dorp if the time is right. this individual is not someone who is a douche bag, but one who deserves respect for being a true florp. one who creates a most ridiculous and florp worthy situation or generates dorp comments is one to behold. don’t be fooled though, this is not to be confused with a florpy dorp. florpy dorps should be shunned like a dog infested with flees. when a florpy dorp is in question, the last thought is “wwjd”- instead the question becomes “wwjd”, as in, what would judas do…
“man, lids, ian is being a serious florp e dorp today! did you see him school that dorp???”

“that matchstick is a real florpy dorp…”

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