when a guy c-ms inside a chick’s p-ssy, then eats her out, then spits the c-m into her mouth & makes her eat it.
my mouth is still salty from all that flowballing – may i have a gl-ss of water?

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    a malicious individual who creates negative energy, irrespective of whether it’s given negative energy. the human c-ckroach is never true to themselves which makes them as fake as a body implant. the human c-ckroach tends to be liars, opportunist, ego centric, deceivers, manipulators, not trust worthy and they always have a motive for everything in […]

  • soundbite vomit

    the lies and meant-for-tv comments of politicians, especially during televised campaigns. during the recent gop debates, candidated donald trump said “we should ban all muslims from the united states”, spewing forth yet another memorable soundbite vomit.

  • studyho

    a person or thing you study with frequently this green highlighter is my studyho fo sho.

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