all lads ask the gyrl before you do it, it mitght cause great pain!! (excesive lubrication needed)
1. tell your misses to spread her legs wide as the gates of heaven
2. shove your man fist up her sausage wallet
3. open your hand out to full extent and flowering is in spring
yeah, last nite i was a house party and this well fit guy came over and started feelin me up and then i turned arond and he got with me and then he locked the door and he flowered me and i was like now i’m a hardcore slag!!! …flowering…
1. the act of cutting your p-n-s head into 4 sections, then allowing it to scar over and bloom like a flower. this step is repeated until the p-n-s is in “full bloom.”
hey george, wunna come over and join in this flowering party at my house?

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