the residue left on the screen of cell phones after use.

a contraction of face and sludge.

y its btr 2 txt.
ew, gross, prima used my razor and she didn’t clean her fludge off the screen.

cellphone face dirty
to plug one’s fudge, i.e. severe -n-l intercourse.
“dude those gay guys probably fludge each other every night”
very unknown object that you use to make people look down at and laugh at how they look down at nothing.
“you dropped your fludge” – then laugh as they look down at nothing- lol
the thick wodge of dog hair that acc-mulates under the door, and has to be poked out with a ruler or a piece of cardboard called a defludger
the door was jammed with a black and white fludge; tutting, annabelle made a defludger from a piece of cereal packet, and pushed the fludge free, before dropping it into the bin.
to f-ck a girl so hard, while she is doing a complete split, and make her squirt like a volcano eruption.
guy: yo dude i fludged the h-ll out of this chick last night, she squirted everywhere
friend: thats sweet, i hope u cleaned up the mess though.

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