when someone is is getting a rimjob and sh-t in the persons face.
yeah dude, i love fludging girls!

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  • Freezy Breezy

    when you take your b-lls out and put them in front of the air conditioner. giving yourself a freezy breezy. “i got so hot last night i took my b-lls out and hung them in front of the air conditioner, giving myself a freezy breezy”

  • full-dingle

    to go hard as a motherf-cker. example: “i’m gonna jump in this party full-dingle tonight.”

  • Geovaging

    the act of sleeping with men from various parts of the world. angie: i’ve been geovaging a lot lately. alice: me too! i’ve f-cked four guys in the last seven months and only one of them was actually born in canada.

  • Gorrific

    something so f-cking brutal and awesome that theres no way to describe it other than gorrific. me: dude, did you see that zombie guy in miami he ate that guy’s face?! friend: yeah man that sh-t was gorrific!

  • Glou-chick

    a disparaging term for a young female resident of gloucester, ma, who speaks with a strong regional accent and is apt to conform to silly local fads. the glou-chicks smoked marlboros, listened to aerosmith, and littered the conversation with the word “f-ck.”

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