Fluff Wife

a non-working wife, usually either an expat or very wealthy. fluff wives are not the primary caregiver for their children. that is the job of the maid/nanny.

a fluff wife ‘fills’ up her days fluffing around with prolonged visits to the salon, meeting friends for morning coffee, lunch or afternoon coffee and obviously spending lots of time shopping.

all the above activities will be carried out in the company of other fluff wives. the main topics of conversation are 1) gossip, 2) gossip, 3) gossip, 4) competing stories of their ‘exceptional’ child/ren’s antics and 5) name dropping.
a fluff wife and her friends some of the other fluff wives gathered at the salon for a creme bath and pedicure session, followed by coffee at starbucks.

“oh” said agatha, “you’ll never guess who has been invited to perform at the emb-ssy party next week, my little jimmy of course. such an angelic voice he has. the amb-ssador must of heard him sing at the school concert last week.”

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