someone who makes cringe youtube videos
that kid too flyjump for me

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  • nacht

    a s-xy -ss frog. yeah, that frog is so nacht.

  • snoofbing

    a person who snoops through people’s fb posts with no intentions of commenting and not wanting the person to know; being nosey about other people’s status’s through fb posts. usually, it’s someone that doesn’t like someone else, but they have a need to know anything new so they use the person’s facebook posts to find […]

  • compo face

    the look of sheer bewilderment and agony as demonstrated pictorially by the lower cl-ss when seeking remuneration or recognition as result of an ‘injury’ or traumatic experience. oh sh-t there’s kate mc cann again – her compo face makes me sick.

  • shavatorta

    a shaved v-g-n- i really enjoyed eating the shavatorta.

  • the friend talk

    when someone talks to their friends boyfriend/girlfriend about how they will hurt them if they hurt that friend, how to treat them, ect. melissa: im gonna have the friend talk with brad angela: just dont hurt him!

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