acronym for: f-ck my life i am going to play call of duty and pick up queso from 711. this acronym was used in the dom mazzetti vs. finals youtube video and all your friends will look at you like you are retarted if you use it.
mary: don’t you have finals this week?

dave: fmliagtpcodapuqf711

mary: wow that is awesome

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    f-ck my med school life. today, i realized all the -ss i’ve seen this semester has been in anatomy lab. fmmsl.

  • K-mart feet

    dirty bare feet, maybe even black on bottom, like the little rugrats that run around kmart superstores with no shoes on jerry springer dirty diaper babies and kids with dirty bare k-mart feet

  • Korrol

    usually married to a nerd or dork. has the habit of adopting cats. also refered to as the crazy cat lady. korrols pets are on the loose again.

  • kurage

    idiot, fool watch where you’re going, kurage!

  • kyke move

    1. to steal (esp. land or real estate) 2. to make a bold or agressive move towards ones objective, often used in business or driving terms. 1. yoink! i ganked your doughnut. kyke move! 2. roy is such a crazy driver, he was pulling kyke moves all over the freeway!

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