fnwk – acronym for “fact not worth knowing,” also known as “trivia” and usually of an extremely boring nature
that idiot’s mind is filled with fnwks such as the speed of light in furlongs per fortnight.

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  • couch curtain

    the flap of fabric that hangs at the bottom of the couch hey watch out don’t spill it on the couch curtain

  • squareage

    square footage; floor area that apartment doesn’t have enough squareage for my family.

  • b*tter wouldn't melt in her eyes

    an old yorkshire saying, more specifically from the bradford area, used to increase the emphasis of the more traditional b-tter wouldn’t melt. must exclude the use of any pause between ‘melt’ and ‘in her eyes’. isn’t she lovely, yeah b-tter wouldn’t melt in her eyes.

  • hurriquane

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  • overcatastrophise

    when someone overstates the seriousness of the situation, when in fact there is nothing to worry about rodney was concerned that the business was in trouble, but his colleagues knew it was just his tendency to overcatastrophise.

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