the act of giving a man oral s-x
my ex-girlfriend is a folater

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    a follow spree it’s when celebrity’s follow lots of random fans on twitter. and by “lots of random fans” i mean 100+ who actually would do anything for a follow from that celebrity not some inactive account or an account with an egg as their icon a follow spree is the exact opposite of harry […]

  • follow the bitch

    slang for “follow the queen”, a variation of seven card poker “ok boys, this ones gonna be follow the b-tch – no b-tch, no game.”

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    the act of which a man is given head then j-zzes on his p-n-s head later rubbing it in her hair thus givening her a snowy crown as i sat down i looked at jen and said “d-mn id love to give her a snow crown”

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    a sarcastic name for december 21st 2012, when so many people thought the world was going to end just for some snow to fall in parts of the united states. guy 1: how was last week? guy 2: annoying, the power went off two times during the snowocalypse when i was in the middle of […]

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    the act of jerking off while enjoying the warmth and mobility of wearing a snuggie. doctors advise that in the winter you should consider a snugglejerk.

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