a woman with one b–b. often used in context as an insult towards another
shut up ya foolit.

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  • fordnadict

    adjitive; one who is compulsive over anything ford, ie, ford racing, ford cars, ford trucks, ford this and that. that guy over there owns 27 ford vehicles,i think he is a fordnadict.

  • forenut

    a large knot-like lump, that when intoxicated, develops on a drunk individuals forehead. in severe cases, two forenuts might be present, resembling forenut satan! oh my god! what happened to your head? did you hit it on something? no, its just a forenut! im totally cheesed! lets go to the casino!

  • tranny tweeter

    a man that creates a female profile on twitter and tweets as though he’s a woman. my ex boyfriend became a tranny tweeter and pretended to be an old girlfriend of the guy i’m seeing. d-ck became a tranny tweeter to see if his ex’s new boyfriend would hit on him/his fake girl @.

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    also simply called the “transition”, this is the time period between the 80s and 90s, from 1989 to 1991, possibly very early 1992. this corresponds with the administration of george bush. the cold war was over, but the 90s had not started yet since bill clinton was not yet in office. cartoons of the time […]

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