screw up, mess up
that was a fopa.
fat over the pubic area.
nathalie’s fopa was so bad it took me 2 hours to find her vag.

matt’s fopa is so bad he hasn’t seen his c-ck in 4 years.
fatty over p-ssy area
dude, her fopa is so large i cant she her vag!
fat over the p-ssy area
when a woman has a pair of pants or jeans on that show that poofy area that’a between the belly b-tton and the p-ssy area….omg look at the fopa on that woman!!! someone please tell her to never tuck her shirt in her pants ever ever again!
when you do something for your father.
mom: hey johnny did you take out the trash?
johnny: yes mama, but i did it fo’ pa.
fat over the penile (or p-ssy)area
chris farley had a lot of fopa

i can’t see my unit under this fopa
fat over pubic area…
zack’s fopa is sooo big, he can’t cant even see his v-g-n- anymore.
fat over p-ssy area

this is when a girls fat hangs so low you can’t see her p-ssy anymore.
d-mn, look at the f.o.p.a on that girl!!!!!!!!

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