For Suresies

‘for sure’, but in a totally adorable way
so are we meeting in the back of the alley today?
-oh for suresies
pr-nounced: 4- sure-zee

while in vegas sitting at a poker table, fellow canadians left the table saying they were going to get a “for suresy”. they were refering to a prost-tute.

definition: a for sure thing

plural: for sursies

country of origin: canada
– let’s get that hooker, she’s a for sursy.

– he’s got a breakaway with an empty net.. it’s a for suresy!!!!
the term “for sure” was a ghetto response to a question that means yes

hipsters have taken this term, and with irony turned the tough about-to-shank-you word into something that’s insane amounts of adorable, like a puppie sleeping next to a kitten
“s-xy tight jean wearer: “are you still going to meet me and katy at starbucks for our poetry session?”

for suresies

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