the act of a mortgage or pledge.
contemporary examples

foreclosure starts, according to the report, were at their lowest level since 2007.
housing comeback continues! matthew zeitlin november 14, 2012

johnson cautioned that at the neighborhood level, foreclosure rates produce “small, marginal effects on the overall turnout rate.”
lower voting rates in neighborhoods h-t by foreclosure: study jesse singal september 1, 2012

in 1982, roellinger saved the sea merchant’s house from foreclosure by opening a table d’hôte (prix fixe restaurant) inside.
a superstar chef does the unthinkable amelia smith november 16, 2008

“that often means buying a home out of foreclosure from a bank,” the times said.
obama’s awful ’70s show echoes jimmy carter eric alterman april 24, 2011

in june 2010, sultan and cohen were summoned to answer a foreclosure complaint filed by bank of america.
jennifer sultan’s arrest for gun running caps long fall from internet success matthew deluca july 19, 2012

historical examples

ultimately this deposit p-ssed to the trust by foreclosure of the $10,000 mortgage.
behind the mirrors clinton w. gilbert

first suffering, then mortgage, then foreclosure and eviction, he prophesied.
the new nation frederic l. paxson

rancor gave way to reason, however, and just before the day fixed for the foreclosure sale the matter was settled.
the armies of labor samuel p. orth

all the surer, from a condition in that particular deed: foreclosure, without time.
the death shot mayne reid

was this foreclosure regular, or was it fraudulent, as were so many of mrs. eddys transactions?
the religio-medical masquerade frederick william peabody


1728, from foreclose + -ure.

a proceeding in which the financer of a mortgage seeks to regain property because the borrower has defaulted on payments.

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