Formal Trolling

same as trolling except, with more cl-ss and sophistication.
hey did you hear, bill gates was formal trolling all of his employees in an email.

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  • For The Record

    what an experienced guy/girl says before they list all the bad things you did while having s-x. happens mainly with people who are unders-xed or just losing their virginity. girl: oh, and for the record: you did this, that, these, and those wrong. next time get it right. guy: can i get a do over? […]

  • Fortuba

    phatty, cool to the max. that wake off that boat is totally fortuba.

  • fo shizza, fo sheezy

    “for sure, without a doubt” “better believe it!” my man denis has a lumpy head, fo shizza! eoin is a funky lookin nizza, fo shizza, fo sheezy!!! for sure, definitely, bet! fo shizza my nizza, for certain wes, from south central santry, has no hair, fo shizza

  • Foshozos

    an adjective one would use when there is nothing relevant left to say in a conversation. jess:hey dude did you see that new movie came out last weekend? kate:no, i went to moscow instead. jess: oh, foshozos

  • Happy-Clack

    similar to happy slapping (where youths film a beating on their mobile phones) but instead of beating the victim, the offending youths force their prey to gyrate s-xily and wear a gold bikini, like the famed model mich-lle clack oh yes bertha, i saw it. poor lad got properly happy-clacked

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