formula one

the most incredible form of racing available! nascar is a load of cr-p in comparison…
only formula one has 330 km/h speeds
not all of us americans are nascar loving rednecks!
in fact, i race a tonykart if you blithering idiots know what that is, it was made in italy. suck it.
the south should split off and stop embarr-ssing us northerners. formula one is infinitely better than nascar.
a top notch racing series where drivers take very powerful and highly aerodynamic cars that are tuned to absolute perfection down to the exact millimeter are raced for around 100 or less laps on tracks around the world. formula one however in recent years is taking a beating from new regulations that seek to make the sport more “eco friendly” and as a result the cars are now less powerful, slower, and much quieter than they once were. it now isn’t quite the same sport it used to be not too long ago.
notable formula one teams include ferrari, mclaren, mercedes-benz, lotus, and red bull.
a business in which car-makers such as toyota, bmw and mercedes compete to gain as much money from tobacco sponsorship as possible. historically this was achieved by holding demonstrations of cars going round in circles in europe, but as tobacco advertising has been outlawed it has now largely moved to venues outside of the eu such as turkey and china.

it has been suggested that there is also racing involved, but due to the complete lack of any kind of excitement that is common to all sports this has been theory has been widely discredited.
formula one is an advertising campaign for marlboro.
like slot car racing only a lot less fun
person 1: “hey you wanna watch the f1?
person 2 ” no i’m playing scalextric”
person 1 ” yeh i’ll join, you f1 is whack”

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