the middle of your b-llsack
my b-llsack has a very defined forrut

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  • come to poppa

    an often whispered enticement for a desired outcome in gambling, games, money or love. you sweet little thing in your sheer teddy, come to poppa!

  • rrob

    a raging random out of control b-n-r hey logan guess what i have a rrob right now 😂😂

  • underpowered

    used in the gaming community. describes something that is too weak. “that item was so overpowered until they nerfed it. now it’s underpowered .

  • boutchie

    short for “what’s happening” or “what you doing” or “how’s it going” it has multiple meanings!! it could be used if you see your buddy walk face first into a street sign. -frank walks into sign face first and falls- me: boutchie frank!!!!!!!

  • elner

    a tough person who takes no sh-t from anyone, and will kill you. she’s such a elner! she’ll destroy you destroy

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