italian neologism that means “i really don’t care”, “i care not”.
you can easily translate it with f-cksaw or caresaw, but the strong meaning and sound of the talian word is difficult to imitate. so it’s a good way to start speaking italian way!
spam fottesega everytime you need, it’s absolutely pure pwnage and you’re gonna meet lots of italian friends. and f-ck lots of italian girls that will admire you for being regardless, charming and proud.

fottesega: be proud. say it loud
a-“stop drinking! you’re already drunk!”

a-i got 4 gtx580 in sli, now i’m going to crash 3dmark vantage wr
b-fottesega of that lame benchmark

a-stop chatting with your friends on skype and go to bed, tomorrow you have a test
b-mi fottesega, i’ll copy from my cl-ssmate

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