1. a feeling of extreme anger because of something that is perceived as bad, hurtful, or morally wrong but when viewed in a rational context is really harmless, benign and insignificant.

2. a combination of the words false and outrage used to describe unjustified anger or resentment over a petty issue.
– starbucks received much negative criticism towards their minimalist redesign of the 2016 holiday cups. for those in the real world, the vitriol that ensued was nothing more than foutrage over a coffee cup.
-fox news’ annual portrayal of “the war on christmas” is spun as a threat to christianity but in reality it is merely manufactured foutrage for the purpose of delegitimizing anything that conflicts with their conservative agenda.

origin: american english, from combining false- (fake, not true), outrage- (anger).
first use: 21st century

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