the act of feeling both sad and happy at the same moment
sometimes i just feel so fragilidoucious.

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  • instagram diarrhoea

    when a person goes on a trip and posts picture after picture on instagram seemingly uncontrollably, filling everyones timeline with their overexposed and vignette filtered holiday snaps. hey, have you seen who’s been berlin?! she’s got a bad case of instagram diarrhoea, she’s clogging up my feed!

  • dairy goat

    a high cl-ss cougar who is slumming it. (english accent) “don’t be such a dairy goat, darling.”

  • sneeze traffic

    a build-up of unsneezed snezes which all come out at once, usually winding and/or doubling up the sufferer. “atisisisishoo!” -stumbles backwards- “sorry, sneeze traffic!”

  • bake time

    b-st-rdization of the time where you fo’ swizzle her nizzle which is the b-st-rdization of putting in the correct nizzle in her gas tank, which is the b-st-rdization of putting it in without pulling out. yo gurl , i didn’t expect for us to have that bake time last night. sh-t was fire!

  • toxiic

    addictingly beneficial a balanced diet is toxiic to your health.

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