a h-m-s-xual, who hides his h-m-s-xual life behind masculinity, gets macho around women and/or socializing ,talking about women non-stop, and being a h-m-phobe.
gee, dave sure is h-m-phobic, he must be a framer.
framer is someone who takes your words online and twist your intent to make you look prejuidce or stereotypical to support their cause.
mary said she was blind as a bat at night,sue accused her of being horrible

and being an abelist .a type of bullying when the person didn’t mean to harm .mary said i didn’t mean to insult the blind population, it’s a saying and i didn’t know it was insulting,thank you for educating me but you are acting like a framer by occusing me of being horrible .
frat gamers
those who consider themselves video “gamers” yet only play halo, call of duty, and sports games (ie: madden and the 2k game series) and talk like frat boys.

often do not follow wheatons law.
that framer just told you he beat you in halo like he beat your mom last night.

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